The full city Council from Teià (Maresme) held last may 28, acknowledged by consistent vote of all the city bunches the exchange of the old fertilizing the soil plant and muck treatment of the Agència Catalana de l’aigua (ACA). Along these lines, the Generalitat, gives his gesture to an old application that goes back to the year 2015.

five years Ago the city Council mentioned the task of an outer space and a territory porticoed to do a strategic community for biomass which to store and change into chips as much as 10,000 tons for every time of pine trees influenced by the irritation creepy crawly Tomicus that every year was relied upon to expel from the timberland in the zone of the recreation center of the Serralada Litoral and Montnegre I Corredor. Politics

In may of 2019, the city Council extended the solicitation to the entirety of the hardware for situating, furthermore, the capacity of Municipal Services. In that choice affected the reduction of the plague and the understanding of the metropolitan gatherings of CKD-Compromís amb Teià, GT and JxCat to investigate an option in contrast to the nave of the Brigade Municipal.

This last conventional solicitation of the city Council has completed now with a positive goals of the executive of the ACA, dated may 11, 2020, to “make viable the exchange right away”. Specifically, the ACA approves the city Council to actualize “utilizes good with the idea of the offices” and “other ” utilizes natural civil skill”.

The establishment of the treatment plant muck in Teià will be the new boat of the detachment (Aj. Teià)

As indicated by the city hall leader, Andreu Bosch, the new area will permit you to “modify the Maintenance Service and discharge the boat rental who currently possess the bequest of the Bòvila”, situated in El Masnou, just as the stores of the Torrent de les Monges and the old’escorxador.

The fertilizing the soil plant ooze is an office of the administration which is neglected from that in 2000 there was a break of poisonous gases that caused the passing of three specialists. The office is situated on the site of the Pump, between the Wastewater treatment Station (WWTP) and the Desechería joint of Alella, Masnou and Teià. The sun based has a surface territory of 12,000 square meters and has a vehicle get to situated on the promenade of Massarosa.

inside the home there are a few structures, yet the city Council just expects to utilize a section. As far as concerns its, the ACA consents to evacuate all components and metal structures in the earth.

On a basic level, the city Council will empower two secured spaces of 2,100 square meters: 1.780 meters will have the store itself (with leaving of vehicles, get to control, storage spaces, latrines, workshop, welding, lifts, meeting room and different work spaces) and 320 meters and will be apportioned to the territory of stacking and emptying of material and products.

as specified in the Municipal Action Plan 2019-2023, the city Council will draft a task official to decide these necessities. The adjustment work will require an expected speculation of € 330,000, as per the memory arranged by the Municipal Technical Services in July of 2019. The city hall leader clarified that this thing monetary is held and accessible, since it compares to the measure of utilization implies got from the urban advancement area of the Mercadona.

A similar archive assessed at 18,000 euros yearly expenses of support, protection and security, including the common risk protection and own harm, the acquisition of provisions and the property charge.

As per the Department of Administration to the legacy estimation of the site and the offices is roughly 4,000,000 euros. The goals of the ACA states that the Municipality must draw up a yearly activity plan which considers the activities of sufficiency are arranged, just as some other speculation “not normal” that go past the assignments of support and protection.

Legitimately, the exchange appears as a “state-possessed land concession” of the office and are at first set for a time of 30 years, with the chance of augmentation or recharging if any of the two gatherings doesn’t demonstrate something else. If so, the ACA may renounce or resolve ahead of time the concession for “reason for power majeure or as a result of conditions happening open intrigue”, and hence ought to repay the town Hall, and it could “shut down what it considers might be of intrigue “, at whatever point you speak with at least two months.

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